Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions are applicable for the Sellers / Exhibitors who is willing to promote their product / services through International Travel Roadshow Platform. We encourage you to read all the terms and conditions before confirming your participations of the Roadshow.

This document is also an electric record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000(“IT Act, 2000”) and rules there under as applicable and the amended provisions pertaining to electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures. And hence the non reply of first part within three working days to second part’s agreement mail deemed acceptance of Agreement’s terms and conditions by First part.

NOW THEREFORE by the acceptance of Second part towards the offer of the First parts Services and Terms contained in this agreement, the Parties agree to the Agreement as follows:


In this Agreement, except where the context or subject matter is inconsistent therewith, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

  1. "BUYER / VISITORS" shall refer to the persons who attend the event to interact with the sellers.
  2. "EVENT" shall refers to TRAVEL ROADSHOW or TRAVEL EXHIBITION or any kind of event organized by the Organizer.
  3. "SERVICES" shall refers only to the Service Clause mentioned below.


The Organizer is to offer the following Services:

  1. Platform to interact with Travel Agents,
  2. Opportunity to distribute Marketing Scope,
  3. Opportunity to promote Sellers product to all the buyers,
  4. An Appointment with the buyer,
  5. Table top meeting facility,
  6. Travel Arrangement Package (At Additional Cost), If purchased

  • Hotel booking
  • Transfer arrangements
  • Domestic Flight Tickets.


  • Organizer is not liable for any kind of visa approval or disapproval. It is purely decided by Visa consulate or embassy.
  • Organizer shall reserve the Right to make adjustment in all spheres in Travel Road show or EVENT.
  • Organizer can assist the seller to get the visa by sending the invitation letter for attending the event. But the final visa approval is 100% control of the visa consulate / embassy. Organizer does not guarantee for the visa approval and Organizer is not liable for visa related matters (approval / disapproval /any other).
  • Organizer will send the visa invitation request within 7 working days of the written request from the seller.
  • Organizer does not give a guarantee or assurance of the product / services offered by the Seller who participate in all our road show.
  • Organizer is not responsible for any kind of damage or loses or service quality deficiency or any service or product related issues at any time to any of the participant or buyer or seller or visitor in any manner.
  • Organizer encourages the buyer and seller to understand their terms clearly. Seller agrees that Organizer is not liable in any manner if the seller is not able to deliver the service or product such as but not limited to quality of the service, hotel quality, payment related issues & etc..
  • Organizer reserves the rights to deny the admission to the event if any non-exhibitor or seller trying to promote their brand at the event directly or indirectly. Seller must get the prior written approval from the Organizer incase if they promote 2 or more companies products /services ( not under same legal entity). Organizer reserves the rights to cancel the approval of promoting multiple brands in single participation.
  • Organizer reserves the right to modify or cancel the Road show or exhibitions or event schedule without prior notice for any reasons such as but not limited to business reasons or any unexpected situations such natural disasters, political issues or riots or etc..,
  • The estimated agents proposed by the Organizer is tentative and Organizer does not give any guarantee for the number of attendees or participations for the event and seller or buyer or anyone does not have a rights to claim the post event details such as but not limited to buyer’s details, seller’s details, event expenses & etc.., and only Organizer has a sole rights to disclose the details to anyone on its own interest.
  • The organizer does not guarantee any sales or types of buyers to the seller.
  • Travel arrangement packages are fully non-refundable and require full payment to confirm the service.
  • Organizer reserves the rights to cancel the participation or travel arrangements with hundred percent cancellation charges incase if the seller fails to make the payment on time.
  • Organizer encourage the seller to prefix the appointment for the meeting and we do not guarantee the audience attributes such as number of buyers to attend the event, travel /service sold by the buyer.


  1. Seller agrees to promote the product or service, which are 100% legal and genuine products in the event happening country. Organizer is not liable for any kind of legal issues incase if the seller tried to sell the product / services which are against the country’s law.
  2. The seller and buyer agrees to Organizer that the road show or exhibitions or any travel events arranged by Organizer is help them to promote their product as per Organizer policy and does not engage in any kind of illegal or any kind of activities which are against the government law in the country of the seller or buyer or event happening country.
  3. Organizer does not encourage any monetary transactions during the event and Organizer is not responsible for any kind of damage due to any kind of monetary transactions.
  4. Organizer does not encourage any non-exhibitor to promote their product /services to any of the visitors or anyone during the event.
  5. The seller agrees to the Organizer that event participation cost and travel arrangement cost are hundred-percentage non-refundable basis. There is no partial or full refund or adjustment of the cost in any other manner in future events or any way due to the seller / exhibitor is not able to attend the show for any reasons such as but not limited to health issue, visa issues, flight cancellation, natural disaster issues in any country, riots or political issues, Seller’s business reasons, Seller’s own interest, & etc. Seller agrees that there is no partial refund incase if they are not able to attend the part or full event. The non-refundable is applicable for any cancellation request from the seller.
  6. The Seller on any grievance follow only Dispute resolution clause and shall not in any means post negative or bad comments in any social media on any means against the Organizer or First part concern, which result in claim or Damage suit against the Seller or Second Part.
  7. The seller agrees that the unused services are not refundable and seller does not have any rights to claim.


Any disputes arising from the fulfillment of provisions contained in the Agreement shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of COIMBATORE, at the registered address of the Organizer. Any and all matters pertaining to the event not specifically covered by this contract and the rules and regulations as described in the invoice or booking confirmation, shall be subject to determination by the organizer. The organizers reserve the right to add or alter these regulations at any time.


  • Cancelled by the Customer / Client
    Client agrees that any cancellation done within 60 days of the event / road show date then it falls under 100% cancellation Policy.
  • Travel arrangement package cost is 100% non refundable from the day of booking and there is NO refund as a credit or cash once confirmed.
    • Though the event is 100% non refundable within 60days of event date but as a good will from the organizer, Client is eligible to get 50% of the credit as a Loyalty bonus to attend our other shows in future.
    • If the booking is cancelled any time from the booking date before 60 days of the event date then 50% of the paid amount will be issued as a credit and No cash refund is applicable in this case. This credit refund is applicable ONLY for the exhibiting cost and not applicable for the Travel arrangement package
    • If any visa rejection happens the organizer is not responsible for a refund irrespective of number of days booked .But on goodwill the organizer allows the exhibitor to use the paid amount for our future events. There will be a minimal service fee of USD 75 applicable per day / per city basis and the balance can be used for the future events. Bank charges deducted at the time of payment will not be counted for the same.
  • Cancelled by the Organizer
    Incase of any uncontrollable or Business reason, if the organizer cancels the road show, Client will get 100% credit to utilize the same amount in our upcoming roadshow. If client is not interested to get the refund then USD 75 per city is applicable as a service charge and the balance amount will be refunded within 21 working days to the client.


  1. Hotel & flight tickets mentioned in travel arrangement packages are subject to availability. In case of non-availability or any price difference at the time making the payment to confirm the travel arrangements, the seller has to bear the difference of amounts.
  2. Travel arrangements details will be provided 10 days prior to the event start. In case the hotels or flights are not available, then Organizer would offer similar kind of hotels or flights.
  3. The check-in and check-out policy are strictly followed by the Hotel policy. In case of any late check-out or early check-in, Seller agrees to pay additional cost on their own.
  4. All the hotel / Airport / Event location transfers are shared basis and incase if the seller require a private transfer then additional cost.
  5. Incase of any cancellation / Rescheduling of the flights by Airline, New flight ticket or amendment charges has to be borne by the client and not by the organizer.


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