ITR 2019 Schedule

  • India (Central)

    City Date Time
    Mumbai 08-April-2019 Monday 10am to 4pm
    Pune 09-April-2019 Tuesday 10am to 4pm
    Ahmedabad 11-April-2019 Thursday 10am to 4pm
    Mumbai 12-April-2019 Friday 10am to 4pm
  • Malaysia & Australia

    City Date Time
    Kuala Lumpur 10-May-2019 Friday 10am to 4pm
    Melbourne 13-May-2019 Monday 10am to 4pm
    Sydney 15-May-2019 Wednesday 10am to 4pm
  • Malaysia + Singapore + Thailand

    City Date Time
    Kuala Lumpur 19-August-2019 Monday 10am to 4pm
    Singapore 21-August-2019 Wednesday 10am to 4pm
    Bangkok 23-August-2019 Friday 10am to 4pm
  • India (South)

    City Date Time
    Bangalore 16-Sep-2019 Monday 10am to 4pm
    Hyderabad 17-Sep-2019 Tuesday 10am to 4pm
    Kochi 19-Sep-2019 Thursday 10am to 4pm
    Chennai 20-Sep-2019 Friday 10am to 4pm

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